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Overview of Our Counseling Centers in NY

Families Together Counseling Services is a private, multi-disciplinary group consisting of trained, experienced, and dedicated professionals eager to make a difference in the lives of those seeking relief.  Everyone at Families Together work together as a team to provide comprehensive counseling and therapeutic services to help people of all ages cope with a wide variety of issues and challenges.

Families Together counselors specialize in assisting individuals of all ages and families to help reduce conflict in their relationships, change distressing circumstances, identify challenges, enhance insight, and develop new tools to better manage their lives while guiding towards self-actualization and the restoration of dreams. 

Families Together has created a welcoming atmosphere that encourages feelings of peacefulness and well-being.  Upon arrival to Families Together offices, individuals are greeted daily with fresh baked cookies, calming music, gentle lighting and a home style décor evoking additional feelings of safety and security.  

Our therapists incorporate different evidenced based modalities in counseling treatment that best matches the individual and/or family.  Our Families Together therapists empower children, adolescents, adult, and families become healthier and stronger.

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6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Therapy

  1. Use Your Time - arrive a few minutes early to mentally prepare yourself before entering your session and forget about the clock when you are in the session.

  2. Apply Your Session - in between meetings, apply what you've taken to your life and be mindful; make note of changes you are working on and that you want to make.

  3. Journal - take note of your thoughts and feelings; don't stress about writing a lot, just record your feelings and thoughts as you go - it may help to bring it to your next session.

  4. Be Open and Honest - do not try to censor your feelings or any questions you may have -always express what you are feeling. Don't be afraid to try new things and feel free to speak what's on your mind, even if it does seem off topic.

  5. Be Proactive - your therapist is not here to answer questions for you but rather to guide you to your own answers.

  6. Be Ready for Change - know that in order for therapy to succeed, you may have to make some changes to get there; but don't worry - your therapist is here to help you with these changes.

Learn More About Our Counseling Services

See the individual services we offer our patients here.

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