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core values of counseling

Our Core Values of Counseling

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Families Together Mission Statement:


To explore and facilitate real solutions to real issues for real people.

Dignity & Respect.


Families Together convey dignity and respect to individuals, families, couples and groups.



Families Together believe all individuals have the capacity for learning and growth.



Families Together practices promote self-determination and empowerment, and honors family voice and choice.  Young people have the right to express their preferences, goals and aspirations, and to contribute meaningfully to decisions about the types of services and supports they receive. 




Families Together Therapists build on the strengths and capabilities of each person to promote resilience and recovery, and to prevent or reduce disability.



Families Together practices are family-centered; they are designed to address the unique needs of individual served, consistent with the values, hopes, and aspirations of that individual and with consideration of his/her family system and other key supports. 

Health & Wellness.


Families Together practices promote a holistic view of wellness, and encourage children, youth and families to develop life-long habits for improving, and maintaining their physical and mental health.

Culturally Relevant.


Families Together therapist recognize that culture is central to recovery, and strive to ensure that all services are culturally relevant to individuals and families services.



Families Together emphasize evidence-based, promising, and emerging best practices that produce outcomes congruent with empowerment, resilience and personal recovery.

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